Who has colored their hair and what color or colors?

@cortjo73 (6500)
United States
February 21, 2008 2:37pm CST
I am naturally blonde. I have colored my hair lighter blonde, auburn, strawberry blonde, a deep chocolatey brown that lightened up to sort of a caramel brown and a little over 3 weeks ago, in an effort to get it as dark brown as it was the first time I ever colored it brown (which was this past June), I grabbed a box of black hair color. I was sort of shocked and slightly scared when I washed and dried it but, it started to grow on me. Because it was Natural Instincts temporary color, it has lightened up and is now this really rich, dark chocolate on the cusp of being black. My natural blonde hair color is wrong for me. It washes me out. I have fair skin color and green eyes (sometimes blue and sometimes gray) and it just basically makes me look tired. So, the first time my mom saw my hair dark brown, she told me, "sometimes we are just not meant to be blonde". Everyone else loves it too. And, since I colored my hair on my own 3 weeks ago, I have gotten even more compliments. So, despite my trepidation immediately after having colored my hair jet black, it seems it was and is a hit. And, now that I know what color to use and that I can do it simply enough, I won't have to spend the $150 to get my hair colored and highlighted every 3 months and $120 to get my hair color and highlights touched up in the interim time between full colorings. And, those amounts don't include the tip. How about all of you? Do you color your hair? What is your natural color and what color do you color it now? Have you tried other colors before settling on the one you have now? Do you get it done or do it yourself? If you get it done, how much to you spend?
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@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
21 Feb 08
I am too cheap to pay anyone to do it so I do it myself. I am a naturally gray haired person these days. My current color is red. I went black once and the guys liked it but I found it way to dark for my complexion. Boy it was a b*tch to get the colour lighter again. I just totally fried out my hair on using lighteners. Never again!
@cortjo73 (6500)
• United States
21 Feb 08
I don't think you are too cheap! I like to think that the hair salons are to exorbitant with their prices. Is that the right word? Anyway, I think they should charge a lot less for something we have to have done so often. Especially if your blonde hair doesn't hold a really dark brown as well as others might. My hair is fine so, I think that is why it doesn't hold color as long as it might if it were thicker. So, you are not cheap! Just money conscious and consciencious. Nothing wrong with that! That is why I will be coloring my own hair from now on. I know my hair girl will hate that but, she doesn't have to pay almost $300 inside of every 3 months to keep my color. The day she can complain to me about me coloring my own hair will be the day she has to pay me to color it! LOL! I am a little beyatchy today! Must be the rain!