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@mlhuff12 (799)
United States
February 21, 2008 6:46pm CST
Is there any way to delete a discussion that you have started that nobody has responded to? I have 2 that I really want to get rid of. I guess they weren't good ones. Do you have any unresolved discussions that you can't resolve because nobody responded?...I hope this won't be my third.
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• Philippines
22 Feb 08
Hi mlhuff12! I also have a couple of discussions that has not been responded to. I don't think we can delete such discussions. At first I thought that there should be a way to delete them but I don't think they would allow that.
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@cupid74 (11394)
• Pakistan
22 Feb 08
Hi dear what a question i asked same question as i also had 2 un resolved discuusion and against which i dont get any rewsponse but sorry to say that u cant delete it urself, the only way is to write myLot adminstrator and request him to delete it. Or what i can do, i can go to ur unresolved discuusion and see if i can do some thing and great news . at least u got response against this one, so it cant go to that area wink wink c ya
• United States
22 Feb 08
I don't think those can be deleted. I have a few myself and wanted to delete but there is no way to do that. A subject doesn't always catch the attention of members here. That doesn't mean it wasn't a good discussion. Or it could just be the title didn't catch the attention of the members. So it doesn't mean the discussion itself wasn't good. No, they can't be deleted but it might be something to bring to Crashes attention. To see if they can instill in here the ability to delete discussions that have got no responses.