I am still a Virgin......

February 21, 2008 8:22pm CST
I am 33, caring,loving,good listner,having loads of humour sense, sincere, god fearing, christian, fair, tall, average and humble looking... now these are my descriptions and I think this is what all females look for... When I spent 1 hr or more to talk with a girls.. the girls think that I am Mr Perfect and decides I am their life partner... Well this was the case of unmarried girls... I more concern about married woman... I cannot and I am afraid to talk to them... forget talking even to Look ... Why are we changing? are we adapting western culture? ... well if so then it should have completely adopted.. coz in western they commit the relationship openly while here they hide and do which mean cool wives wanna betray cool hubbies... I believe in christianity and follow ten commandments may be not exactly but surely. Well may be because of this I dont have a true friend and if it goes this way I dont want any... but one thing i can assure you all is that I am still a Virgin. How many people can think like me this? I dont know but I know it is very difficult in this world of seduction and wide open opportunity( chances - wrong term). I have gone through or put it this way I have come accross such seductions, controlling tremendously my feeling coz finally the truth is that I am a Man and have sense and feeling equally like others do.. but still i am a Virgin in this world of seduction
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• Netherlands Antilles
13 Mar 08
I think I have the answer for you. Know a day people are very superficial, many see with their eye and not with their hearts, with a true love to god, I am not talking about obsession.... that is why you fell empty when you meet them,for you wish to be love for you soul, not for your face or for what money you might have. I am 38 and I am still a virgen, not because i am scared just because no me have reach my soul is truth, realizing the true meaning of our lives.