February 22, 2008 4:46am CST
I am planning my wedding and I'm not very good at putting makeup on don't get me wrong I look good but I want a professional look without paying for a professional. Does anyone have tips on how to apply make up to look like it was done by a professional or what brands would help?
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@ruthinian (2311)
• United States
13 May 08
Congratulations! I am not really a professional myself but I did my make up on my wedding day. I did a lot of make up application to some special people on special ocassion like beauty pagent, wedding, graduation and others. So here is my technique (if you want to consider it). 1. Start with a clean face. This is the basic. A clean canvas is the secret to a beautiful painting. So cleanse, then tone and lastly, moisturize. 2. Foundation. Whatever you prefer. There are different kinds, power, liquid, whatever you want it depends on you. I use liquid because it is easier for me to apply. Spread it all over your face. 3. Loosed Powder. Use a big soft brush to apply this. This will give you an even finish on your face. 4. Eyebrow. The nicely arched eyebrows framed the face. So you might want to have a nicely plucked eyebrows before doing it. You may use pencil or powder. I use powder because I can brush and blend it well with the line of my eyebrow. Get the shade of your hair so that your eyebrows will not look awkward and fake. 5. Eye shadow. Use the tri-color eye shadow because it is easy to find and easy to apply. Apply the palest color (usually beige or silver or any lightest color in the palette) on your entire lid as base color. Then apply the medium color in the crease or your eye lid like drawing an arch. Then, apply the darkest shade in the outer corner of the eye lid brushing the applicator inward toward the center of the lid. Lastly, get a medium sized soft brush and brush the entire lid blending the 3 colors. The colors should blend together. 6. Eye-liner. Apply the eye-liner in the upper lid close to the eyelashes. Just draw a very fine line just to emphasis your eyes. You may want to draw lines also on your lower lid, but I don't do that to myself because it cause the skin to sag and gives an eye bag. 7. Lashes. Curl your lashes then apply the mascarra. If you can apply the mascarra on your lower lashes it is fine. 8. Blushes. Choose the color that match your skin tone. Get a share that looks like a natural blush and brush it on your cheek bones. 9. Lipstick. It depends on what you want. If you want shiny you choose that kind of lips stick if you want matte finished get that kind. One tip, if you will use matte finished, blot some loose powder on your lips after you apply the lipstick because it will make the lipstick last till the last guess leaves. 10. Pressed Powder. And lastly, apply pressed powder all-over your face to finish the job. This will blend everything. Just remember. It is not the kind of make up that makes a make up nice or the price of the product. It is the technique that one put in to accomplish the job. You have to practice doing it too. Practice makes it perfect. And if you find a magazine that will give you a step-by-step technique that will be good. Have fun and enjoy your moment.
• Philippines
26 Apr 08
COngratulations on your wedding.. well.. if you really want to save by doing your makeup yourself.. you could browse thru sites that offer makeup techniques and study from there.. you may want to practice days before your wedding as to perfect the look you want..and yes, you could also get ideas from wedding magazines and other beauty mags that has makeup techinques featured on its issue.. one good makeup to try on is mineral makeup.. this actually is natural and will stay on until your wedding reception is over.. One good brand you may want to try is jane iredale since they could also offer you makeup looks that would be best for your special day!
@diansinta (7551)
• Indonesia
22 Feb 08
wedding magazine - wedding magazine image
I think you should buy a wedding magazine. They always have the newest trend of wedding and you will find everything you should plan for your wedding. including dress, catering, anything to make a perfect wedding. Or try to search wedding sites such as : or any like that. im sure you will be inspired