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@ruthinian (2311)
United States
February 22, 2008 11:59am CST
I am an Asian History teacher and I am fascinated with the different history of the countries in Asia. They're colorful and interesting. I came from the Philippines and our history is mostly influenced by Spain since we were its colony for over 300 years. It's culture has basically become part of our own. We fought for our independence from 3 different colonizers... Spain, Japan and USA. But until now that we are already a free nation... we can't help that their power is still dominant in our culture, government, and economics. If you are given the chance, the power and possibility to rewrite the history of your country or any country that you are interested in... what part of it's history would you change... re-construct... or re-write to make it a better country?
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• Australia
22 Feb 08
I love history! If I were to change the history of ay place, it would have to be the whole world itself. I would go back to the Garden Of Eden and knock some sense into Eve and tell her that the serpent was just out for power. Hopefully, if she listened, we would be living right now on a paradise earth without any cares in the world...