which do you like better bon jovis old or new music?

United States
February 22, 2008 2:02pm CST
first of all i love bon jovi but i have to say i like his music better!just because it sounds like him, his new music is kinda country dont get me wroung i like some country but i just think his older music suites him better! i still listen to the new music but it will never come close to his old songs, living on a prayer,alaways,and dead or alive thats some of my favs from his old work! but which do you ike better his new or old music?
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@4xmyworld (183)
• Malaysia
21 Apr 08
I do prefer their old hits - Always being my old time favourite. I wonder if Jon BJ can reach notes like that anymore. Thats why their current songs are all "safe" to me.
12 Apr 08
I like both. Sometimes I like to listen to the old classics, as you have mentioned. But sometimes it is a refreshing change to hear something new, but sung by a classic band. It takes a little getting used to because I can't bellow out the lyrics to all the new songs yet. But I am sure, given a little time, that I will fill my shower repertoire with all of Bon Jovi's hits.
@chazsgirl (256)
• United States
31 Mar 08
I don't have a favorite type old or new, I think he is good no matter what he does! I do believe the acting should have never happened, he is 1 of the sexiest men ever made but is also a bad actor!
29 Feb 08
old bon jovi's music was better, but i like also the recent album "Crush"
@dangnabit67 (2021)
• United States
27 Feb 08
I like both. He is one of the rare singers that I never get tired of hearing or seeing ;) Rock on!
• Australia
23 Feb 08
I prefer his older music, but I have to admit that his newer, shorter hair style is better than his old mop! Bed of Roses is still one of my favourite all time songs. He is still talented, but his style has changed a fair bit.
@emrald1 (48)
• India
23 Feb 08
i think he was better before. i cant forget the songs that he sang like Always, Bed of roses etc. They are just classic's. When you listen to take really take you back in time, and i love it, as i have been growin up listen to them.
22 Feb 08
I also prefer the old stuff. the new stuff is great also, but it takes time to grow on you.
@littleone3 (2065)
22 Feb 08
I also have to agree i definitely prefer his older music. I agree that it does suit him alot better.