cats have the unique movement style...???

@schummi (925)
February 22, 2008 2:30pm CST
I have seen many animals but cats have the most noiseless motion ....they are just unique in the way they travelll....thats the gift they have got from god....
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• Canada
24 Feb 08
Yes, you are right, just watch any nature show about the big cats, lions, tigers, leopards, cougars, etc and you see how noiseless they really are. Then look at your cat, you will see the "little lion". Try putting a bell on your cat to "warn" birds and that will only make your cat get better at noiseless movement! I watched a nature show that had a lioness hunting and she only moved 3 steps in 1 hour. Then there was another show I saw that a lioness was filmed doing something never before seen. She was stalking a group of antelope and then all of a sudden, she stamped her paw. She did this two more times, very deliberate. She seemed to be testing the "nerves" of the antelope, seeing if they were ready to stampede. Maybe she was trying to get them nervous for some hunting tactic that we don't know about. Fascinating animals, all felines.