Can you trust them

February 22, 2008 3:54pm CST
Ok my youngest was born on December 19 2007 and released the next day. She went through all the screening to test for diseases and disabilities you know what I'm talking about. Anyway it was a week after she was born and the phone rang I got the most heartbreaking news that me as a mother could get the Hamilton Hospital called and told me she had been tested positive for PKU which is an emino acid disorder where they can't break down protein and if not taken care of properly and quickly you can end up with brain damage sezieurs and in some cases even death but thats not my story you can look it up and get more info. Anyway they wanted me to bring her to Hamilton to be retested because in some newborns it's a false positive So I took my 1 week old to the hospital so she could have more blood taken. They told us we had to wait a week for the results and they would call when they came in. So we went home and I balled all week long at the thought my baby could have something wrong and I don't know to fix it. A week goes by and I get a phone call the results were in and she did not have PKU but they told me she had something else that wasn't as serious but serious enough and she would have to have blood taken at least every three months to maintain a certain level in her blood. Ok thats not too bad but bad enough. So my fiance came home right away to here the results in detail. Not 10 minutes after he walked in the door the phone rang again it was The Hamilton hospital my fiance answered cause I couldn't bare anymore bad news but It wasn't bad news just news that made us both happy but very angry at the same time. The told us they had read all of her results wrong she was never tested positive for anything in the first place and the second set of tests they did they also read those wrong There was nothing wrong with my little girl the whole time. So can we trust doctors now a days.
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22 Feb 08
Wow, I would get her tested agin, just to be safe. Take her to a place that specializes in children, and of course you trust.
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22 Feb 08
Oh my gosh - that is horrible! You would think that doctors and techs at a hospital would know that they are doing. That's why I like to get second opinions, becuase you can never know for sure what is going on. I am glad to hear that there is nothing wrong. Have a hapy Friday!