What makes a good date?

February 22, 2008 6:22pm CST
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• Canada
23 Feb 08
Hmm, for me a good date would have to first of all have a good location. While I like when a guy takes initiative as to where we go I would prefer that, if he has no idea where to take me, he would ask what I like to do. Secondly my date and i need to have good conversation, lots of laughs and no akward silences. I would prefer being on a date with someone who can easily carry on a conversation. Thirdly, I think chemisty is very important on a first date. I'm not saying that there should be enough chemisty to drag the poor boy back to my house or anything but enough so that holding hands and maybe a small kiss happens. That's another thing! My date has to be affectionate. Hold my hand, ruffle my hair that kind of thing. I am not asking for anything fancy for a first date just something someone has put a fair amount of thought and effort into, to show they really want to impress me.