What is your take on capital punishment?

United States
February 22, 2008 10:23pm CST
Capital punishment is a very debatable issue. I was just wondering if how many of you are for/against it. I for one am definitely against it. There are many reasons. 1. There have been many cases in which people have been executed and then proven to be innocent AFTER receiving the death penalty. 2. It is very racist. In some states more blacks have been killed than more whites, and in some states it's vice versa. In some states, more minorities have been killed than any other race, etc. 3. It does not STOP crime. According to a recent study, states with the death penalty have higher homicide rates than states without it. Finally, capital punishment is VERY hypocritical. I just don't understand why we have to kill people who kill other people to show that killing is wrong. I rest my case.
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