What you think about aliens (ET´s)?

February 23, 2008 3:52am CST
I am trying to know how people react if they know extraterrestrial beings are real. Some say the world will be in panic like early 50's a radio broadcast program results.
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• Jordan
23 Feb 08
I would have mixed feelings! mostly of amazement and observation. I'd try to learn more about them, how they "think" (if they do think) their culture (if they have one) and simply how they survive! I'd be very scared if I do get an encounter, it's normal.. after all we are always scared of things we don't know! but I'd beat my fear and actually try to communicate taking the risk hoping I won't be their next meal or testing subject. If they proved to "come in peace" I'd teach them some things about us, specially things we enjoy like music and try to experience some of the things they enjoy.
• Australia
23 Feb 08
Yes i think the world would go into a panic but maybe not as bad as back then. I believe in aliens or atleast other life forms i think it is ignorant to think that this planet is the only one with any life form. I would hate to think what they might do to the aliens.