friend that nobody likes

@mode09 (158)
United States
February 23, 2008 10:12am CST
You may have heard Dane Cook's comedy about the friend thant nobody likes, who somehow ruins the fun when they come around, or invite themselves to something they were not invited to. How many people have that friend? I know 2 people like that that at the base of their core are decent people, but they tend to always not make the cut when there are plans to do something. The one really sets people off because he is over-opinionated, makes no mistake to share his opinions, and take ever opportunity to argue his views. The other only sees the world in his or his family's eyes, and it is an exagerated spin - and there is nothing you do that is worth any interest. And he will often forget if you were there or even the one that told him something. He will spend as long as it takes boring you with what he and his family did over the weekend, his plumbing problems, his car problems, what his kids did, his hobbies etc. As soon as you try to share something similar with him, he has no interest, either changes the subject or has to walk away. You would think that things only happen to him, he is the only one who has experienced a flat tire, a hectic schedule, etc. When it snows, he is the one who has it the worst, a 1 inch dusting, turn into a 3 foot ice storm in interestingly only in the area he and his family are driving in. Then I hear ideas I shared with him (which he has no interest in at the time), suddenly come out of his mouth to someone else as if they were his brilliant ideas. Anyone else have the friend that nobody likes? Please share your stories....
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