whats the difference between love and attraction?

@Dasari100 (3803)
Anantapur, India
February 23, 2008 6:53pm CST
HI i would like ask this wonderfull question to all mylot members this is regarding love and attraction. many youngstares falling love but they are telling this love but it may be attraction. whats your oppinion about love and attraction. did you have any experience in your life? have you faced any cofusion state at your entire life. tell me the causes why is it like that? do you have any practical examples with love and attraction. have your friends have faced any probelm with this one. in my life i have faced same probelm have you? give message to me i will wait for reply from all mylot members.
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@mindrich (183)
• Philippines
25 Feb 08
For me, based in my experience. Simply... Love is a strange feeling of happiness that you feel inside. And Attraction is a love of physical beauty which is temporal.
• Japan
24 Feb 08
hmmm...love is longing for someone while attraction is just an admiration from someone's asset like beauty, talent etc. examples????? well, you can't say you love your bf/gf because she/he is just beautiful/handsome but you can say i love him/her cuz that's what you feel, you long to be with him..in attraction, you can say, oh i like him cuz he plays basketball well. to love is to feel someone's prescence while to attract is just to admire, to differentiate them easily. well, i've never been confuse about the two words, attraction and love.