United States
August 16, 2006 10:02am CST
If you had HIV would you blame God for having a life threating desease?
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@ebberts (786)
• United States
16 Aug 06
No I would not blame God. God gave us free will to make our own choices in life. If I slept with someone or used a needle and Got Hiv, how could this be God's fault it was my choice. Actions have concequences, that not only affect ourselves but other people. I know people have contracted HIV in other ways, that were not of their own making, such as getting it from a blood transfusion, before the supply was safer. I wasn't their fault or God's but the person who donated the blood whether they new they were HIV positive, the decision in giving blood caused the chain reaction. Our choices in life make differences in people's lifes good and bad. God is not to blame he wants only the best for us.
@asa010 (1129)
• India
16 Aug 06
i belief it will be our destiny,as i belief in destiny and bad deed for exchange of our sins.
@rherdey (966)
• United States
16 Aug 06
HIV is a diease not made by God. God does not intent to destroy human life. If a person gets its, the person has chosen that path to take. God has given paths to take and most of us know with HIV there is precautions and thing we can do to advoid it.