Stressed Out About Jury Duty Summons Because Of Mental Depression.

United States
February 23, 2008 11:53pm CST
I was sent a jury duty summons and I then sent back a letter stating that I suffer from mental depression and have a hard time coping with daily life.They sent me a letter back saying that my excuse was denied and that I am to report for jury duty.I first went to a doctor about it in 1997,started taking pills for anti-depression.I took off a month from work at that time because I was having a hard time working and suffering from depression.The pills didn't help me so I quit going to the doctor about it.Now here it is 2008 and I have no excuse note from a doctor.Today I went to look up my old doctor to see if I could get her to write me a note and come to find out she has moved out of the building and I don't know where she is.So now I can't even have a note from a doctor when I have to go on my jury summons date of March 14th. What would you do? I've never done jury duty.Any of you have mental depression and summoned to jury duty?