What can u buy for 15 cents 30 cents and 60 cents?

February 24, 2008 1:05am CST
I'm from India and i know there there people from different nationalities here at mylot, so i would like to know what all things you could buy with 15 cents, 30 cents and 60 cents in your respective countries. I chose to ask about 15,30, and 60 cents respectively because thats how much i get paid by various money makings sites on internet. With Indian Rupee appreciating against dollar my earnings are also coming down, so just curious about what different people at different countries could buy with this same amount of money. These are the things i could buy with 15 cents in india 15 cents = 6 Rupees. with 6 rupees we could buy 1)A business daily, 2)30ml of Glue,3) A ball point pen 30 cents = 12 Rupees. With 12 rupees we could buy 1) A blank CD/DVD 2) A permanent marker pen 3) A weekly news magazine 60 cents = 24 Rupees With 24 rupees we could buy 1) Half liter of Petrol 2) 1 kilo refined wheat powder (atta) 3)One and a half kilo of sugar. Now let me know what you could buy with the same amount of money in your country.