how to be a good person in the society?

@Dasari100 (3803)
Anantapur, India
February 24, 2008 1:53am CST
Hi for every mylot members , i would like to ask this type of question infront of you, how to we be a good people in the society there are no tips and how can we should stay with long relation with good peopel in the society. what shall we do to get this type of qualites. is there any plan to be a honest person in the society. do you have any practical experience on this one in my way i have good practical experience in to be a good person in the society first we need to improve our moralvalues, to be soft for anyone, to avoid badhabits, to communicate with people in very good way, partcipate in different social works, to help diffrent people in the world, to praticipate time in spritual activites. what about you? now its your turn?
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@Shavkat (65113)
• Philippines
9 Nov 12
I don't feel affected if other people say things against me. If I feel that I didn't do anything wrong, I will just ignore them. The word gossip can not really bring good things. The society is diverse context, it differs for the person to interpret it. good day!
@ltmoon (1008)
• United States
24 Feb 08
See the orange, be the pineapple.
@apsara60 (6612)
• Israel
24 Feb 08
Being good person is not something artificial that you can achieve, because if you are not a good person but just acting like a good person to make good impression on society, then you will never be a good person. Becoming a good person starts from your school days, when you are just a child, child is like soft mould and education and culture and manners that parents and teachers give to this soft mould gives shape to the good character of a person and then he does not has to try to be good because he is good. Honesty, good manners, clear conscious, welcome smile for all, readiness to help all, decent language, respectful behaviour with all are some common qualities of a person's nature that makes him good in society. Like Gandhiji said" Simple Living and High thinking " should be motto of our life.
@kbourgerie (8781)
• United States
24 Feb 08
I think its just like life. You treat people with the same respect that you would like to be treated. There are all kinds of people on here from all different walks of life with different cultures, interests and opinions. We need to respect them all and speak with kindness. Everyone has a right to an opinion. Its all in the way you give it.