AutoZone What do you think?

United States
October 30, 2006 2:09pm CST
Welcome to my discussion I hope that this is helpful to you and if you feel that you can be of help please let me know. I was a manager for AutoZone Inc. for almost three years. (I have over 20 year’s management exp. in the automotive retail aftermarket field). AutoZone let me go for not being a diverse manager and for selling merchandise at to low a price (the merchandise that sold was salvage merchandise, which AutoZone Distribution Centers send to stores at the request of District Managers for giant sidewalk sales or special events at that store. This is merchandise that AutoZone has determined can be sold and which they cannot get credit from the manufacture for one reason or another). The store I was running was having a special event set up by the regional staff we had tents set up for people to participate in different challenges to win prizes with a grand prize drawing of a mini chopper. There was one tent selling this salvage merchandise at whatever people were willing to pay. After the event, there was a lot of the salvage merchandise left and I was to sell it however I could at the store because it was not inventory from my store. I sold some at sidewalk sales and then someone offered a lump sum of money for the remainder and I sold it. This all happened two years ago, up until this termination the merchandise was not ever asked about. The termination was started by a complaint filed by a customer at our store saying I was rude to him and telling him to leave my store. I agreed to some extent, I did ask him to leave only after he became verbally abusive to me. A few days later, the Regional Human Recourse Manager was questioning me. They question several of my employees then myself all of a sudden my diversity comes into question in other words they are asking me if I have, a problem with different ethnic groups mainly African Americans. I was floored never in my life has any ever even asked me such a questions. It was like a bomb going off in my head I was so shocked and offended by these questions and it hurt me Oh the customer that complained about be was caucasion. (A little, inside information on this, I have three nephews and a niece that are African American and I adore them there father is one of my best friends). I did not even know what to say to them I did the best I could. One week later the day before our year-end bonus was to be paid, I was let go. I am still trying to fight them for pay they owe me for my last day of work. I was paid the bonus direct deposit to my bank of a Friday and then they took it back on a Monday. They never told me they were talking it back and I had paid some bills and made purchases and it sent my account into an overdraft costing me 160.00 in fees not to say the embarrassment it cost me with my bank and some of my accounts. Well this is what is going on and to be honest I am still shocked I have only had three jobs in the last 23 years and I have never had such a problem with any employer. So what to you think? I know you only have my side of this but I do not have to lie I have no reason to. Thanks for reading...
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