What are the side-effects of being an INSOMNIAC?

February 24, 2008 2:38am CST
Well everyone,i myself am an INSOMNIAC...Well i surely enjoy being one.My age is 18yrs but yet i hav'nt had any side-effects.My parents pamper alot for me being an INSOMNIAC but i find it quiet intresting cozi get lots of time to complete my activities rather than wasting my time sleeping.Seriously i hardly sleep for an hour or two a day.... N now its been 2 days that i hav'nt slept but stil m active enough...i am usually involved in my Gaming activity because m a Pro Gamer.n i dont get time in the mornings to play coz of studies so i find some hours at nites. N it helps me alot to improve myself,cuz there arent any distractions at nites,everyone's asleep. N most of all u get to enjoy the night life...
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@aconites (769)
• United States
24 Feb 08
thats nice way to look at it.. but in the end you'll get tierd and you would wana sleep .. as for me i feel like a vampier cause i saty awake till 5:00 am and then i sleep till 12:00 all the night i stay awake i can't sleep..i hope i change this happit ..
@MGjhaud (20679)
• Philippines
24 Feb 08
You can't feel it now but it's prone to high-blood when you get old. I'm an evening person myself too but sometimes i have to forced myself to get sleep early because of my morning classes. I usually get tired and drowsy when I have less sleep from the night, it tires me and refuse myself to focus on my daily tasks. What I usually do until morning is read or surf the net.
@lucky_witch (2711)
• Philippines
24 Feb 08
Whew! 2 days without sleep. I would understand if you dont sleep in the evening... and do the sleeping in the morning. But without sleep or few hours of sleep... I dont think I can take or even make it. I am not sure about the exact side effect of that. But I believe that there is... because you are abusing yourself that much. It may not show up this early, but as you grow old, you will know. I believe that it is better if you would seek professional help regarding that.