Do you belong to middle class?

February 24, 2008 4:19am CST
People need money belong to middle class. It means that we, working at are belonging to middle class people. Do you agree?
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@maasha25 (108)
• India
24 Feb 08
I agree my friend, but again there are 2 classification lower-middle class and then upper-middle class. The lower middle class are those who rely upon Internet for some extra money to manage life.
• Australia
24 Feb 08
There are three classification of class if you believe in the distinctions:- 1) Poor class. 2) Middle class. 3) Rich class. The rich class are favoured, they do not need monetary help. The middle class manage to keep their head above water. They need to work to maintain their status. The poor class are the unfortunate. They struggle all their lives and never really amount to much. Whatever they do, the difficulties are enormous. I do not agree that mylot members belong to the middle class, I would have said that they fall in the poor class category. It is very hard to generalise!!
@p1kef1sh (45640)
24 Feb 08
I think that what constitutes the middle class has become very blurred, at least in the West, over the past 50 years or so. When I was a boy, the middle class typically were professional people, doctors, lawyers, architects, scientists, engineers etc. Shop keepers were lower middle class and large business owners were upper middle class. The working class were workers both skilled and unskilled and the upper class were typically aristocracy and their relations. The common thread was money and how much of it you had. Typically though, the poor stayed poor and the rich stayed rich, there was very little economic movement and everybody knew their place in Society. Today, I think that money, and the ease in which one can acquire it has changed things completely. A street sweeper can become a pop star overnight and rapidly acquire so much money that he or she ranks in wealth terms with the highest echelon of smart society. Equally, an aristocrat can end up sweeping the street having lost all his money. Most of us sit somewhere in the middle. People feel strongly about what class they are in. If you have to earn money are you not working class. But then you could just as easily be middle class. The only class that you still have to be born into is the upper class, and from there, the only way is down.