Pretending - Emotion
February 24, 2008 5:34am CST
We always know what hurts but still havent learned to stay away from those things; because as painful as it is, if thats the only way to feel their presence we always give in... we still check on them every now and then just to see whats been happening since they left... that even if sometimes we say we just wanna see them happy, but hearts theirs still a voice secretely prayin: hoping realize i'am the real girl o woman in her lifes......
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• Kuwait
25 Mar 08
Wow,, you are really doing well on expressing your inner thoughts which is healthy and good for you,, you can be more mature and full grown persone when we get the chance to stimulates our mind and express what we really want to say probably someone somehow they will come to you and agree to you or give there side to clarify there side of opinion.. i just want you to continue to do its healthy to express feelings...
• Philippines
26 Mar 08
Hehe! thank you for the time to read this.... and the responding it smoothly..... encourage to me i'm not totally fluent in english but you give it to me a really chances to improve it....i dont know if it is really good now my english..... Take good care always..... God Blesses Us...........