*scam * alert*

@ltmoon (1008)
United States
February 24, 2008 2:35pm CST
*SCAM * ALERT* I know a lot of you Mylot folks are after the internet bucks. Scams abound on the internet and as good neighbors we should expose the posers, pretenders, and plain old rip-offs that we encounter while surfing the internet. There are no "easy" bucks to be made on the internet, but we have a right to be dealt with honestly by these companies and receive what they promised us at sign-up. It's long past time and we need to expose these rip-offs and take back the internet from the scam artists. After a month of non-responsive emails with customer service, it is time to drop the hammer on www.thissiteisforreal.com for failure to credit activity and payout. Automatic payout is supposed to be $10 minimum, and they still haven't credited me for $17.00 worth of activity. Canned responses sent by an auto-response email system to problem-tickets is not effective member service. This supposed survey/gpt site floods your inbox with offers that they do not credit your account for trying. Do not enable this site by being suckered into joining. If you are already a member and are experiencing similar problems, speak out and let other know!
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@mysdianait (64068)
• Italy
24 Feb 08
I belong to a site (NocturnalMails) where the admin lets his members know immediately of sites that are dubious. His latest information regards a site called Makbux which has been hacked :( I am not a member there and don't recall seeing it mentioned here at all but I feel I could mention it here in your discussion.
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• United States
24 Feb 08
It is my considered opinion, that there is only a few ways to make money from your pc. One must have goods or a service to provide, or if your a daytrader. Helium falls under service, you are writting for what you earn, and you are paid based on how well you can write.
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@ESKARENA1 (18304)
24 Feb 08
ive had similar problems with an outfit called buxto. In my opinion they too belong under the heading of scam. You are right we all need to share this information, i personally think we aught to have a registry blessed be
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@diansinta (7554)
• Indonesia
28 Jun 08
I was belong to tatacash.com adn this site is 100% scap site. Don't waste you time on it.
@dseno22 (82)
• Philippines
7 Jun 08
Thanks for the info you got there, i think there's lot of scam site out there. but i forgot the list of the scam sites.