Diebetic menu for grilling party

@qouniq (1968)
February 24, 2008 6:26pm CST
Me and my spouse planning to make a grilling/BBQ party 2 weeks from now for our friends from some countries which are here in my country now. I am planning to make some chicken BBQ - Malay style, Otak-Otak grill (a fish and prawn paste in grated coconut with some spices wrapped in the banana leaves), Beef Kebab, Yakitori - Chicken fillet with some leeks and potato and sprinkle with some teriyaki sauce and fish grill in spices sauce baked in banana leaves as the main things which we will grill. I have some pita bread and plain rice to eat them with. As the dessert, I think I am gonna make a caramel bread pudding and some mini pineapple or blueberry cheese tart. One of our friend is a diebetic so I want to know what things which he can eat for the BBBQ party as he don't eat those kind of things mentioned above. Thanks for your helps.
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