sleep paralysis/night hags

@mbs730 (2152)
February 24, 2008 9:38pm CST
Anyone ever experience that? Scary as hell. You know when you wake up (during REM mode) and you can't move (because during REM mode you release a hormone that prevents you from acting out your dreams) and you wake up, being TOO aware of whats around you, yet you hallucinate. And frequently you may see a dark entity creep up on you and shove you down, then you suddenly wake up, moving and all, ugggggh.
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@cheongyc (5075)
• Malaysia
3 Apr 08
It seems so scary to me. Thank god I never experience that (touching wood). I have heard from people around me telling me their friend's similar experience. They usually concluded such phenomena as paranormal. But after reading your scientific explanation, it's much more relieving. Hallucination can be very scary. Matrix movie had told us the concept . Besides, if you are gamers, you will know how imagination and virtual reality is very realistic sometimes especially when we are too obsessed.
@mbs730 (2152)
• Canada
4 Apr 08
Yes its quite scary, but fortunately I haven't had it in a while. Even though its a hallucination its scary while it happens, ugh.
• Philippines
20 Mar 08
I usually experience this when I am stressed-out, it is really frightening. I can sense/see my surroundings but it's as though I am in a body-bind. And yes, there's usually a dark shadow, which creeps me out even more (I get afraid to fall asleep after). And there are strange noises (whispering, I think).
@mbs730 (2152)
• Canada
21 Mar 08
Thanks for responding. Yes stress can most definitely bring it on!! I do recall what brought it on the last time it happened, the night before I tried delving into something that made me EXTREMELY uncomfortable. And yes weird noises have been known to happen. Lets hope its a rare occurrance for now on, better yet lets hope it NEVER happens again.
@roi452 (232)
• Philippines
29 Feb 08
I experience it a lot of times especially back in college. Other people actually say it's a paranormal event but yeah, your explanation pretty much sums up the scientific side. there came a time also the i was so used to it that i anticipated it already everytime i go to bed - and it does happen, and i know when will it happen. Its when i have this unique feeling that - oh yeah - here we go again. Sometimes i actually enjoy the experience and try some stuff like - try moving my leg or hands or head.Sometimes i can come out of it at will. These are the times the "hag" or the shadowy figure is not present. But of course, when there is the dark figure, it really is scary and you can't help but think that there's some kind of evil force preventing you from moving; even suffocating you.
@mbs730 (2152)
• Canada
1 Mar 08
Yes I don't mind it when the shadowy figure is not around. The experience without it, is not that scary but most of the time when I do have it, that dark entity is there! Ugh, scary.