Have you seen the Ellen Page Film called "Hard Candy"?

United States
February 24, 2008 10:09pm CST
"Hard Candy" Directed by: David Slade Hayley Stark (14) and fashion photographer, named Jeff (32)have been chatting on-line for 3 weeks. They agree to meet at Nighthawks a local coffee shop. Hitting it off, despite an age difference, they decide to head to his home. Up to this point is seems that its your typical pedophile flick, until at his home Hayley proves to be less innocent than he believed. In a story of manipulation and pedophilia, this movie gives you a non-traditional look at the dangers of when a man seeks the love of a child. "Hard Candy" is a low budget film, that was nicely produced. The direction had a strong style, that made up for the lack of finance. The story was a solid thriller with an interesting look at pedophilia.. but with an emphasis, to how different young women may be, in our day. Ellen Page did a strong performance as the flirty girl that is more than what she seems. Patrick Wilson was believable as the older man.. and seeing as how the script held only about five actors, he did a strong job at keeping the story leveled. Did you see this film, and did you enjoy it?
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• Canada
25 Feb 08
Even though i haent seen this movie Ellen page has defintly made a fan out of me. Thanks for letting know about this movie i cant wait to check this out.