Is Life Deeper Than Love?

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February 24, 2008 10:43pm CST
I was just thinking of the phrase above. Is Life really deeper than love or is love deeper than life? What are you feelings on this quote? What does it mean to you? I'll give away my answer when I respond back to your responses. I just want to see what anyone has to say about it first. Thanks for reading!
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25 Feb 08
For me, love is deeper than life. But I only have this opinion because I have children. I've had countless ex-boyfriends tell me that they loved me so much they would die for me or die if I ever left them. They are EX boyfriends so obviously I have left them. Yet as far as I know they are all still breathing. Such a shame for half of them too, but I digress. I know in my heart that I love my children so much that if it ever really came down to one of them or me I would give my life so that they would have a chance at life. That may sound selfish because I have 4 children yet I would be willing to give up my life for any ONE of them and leave all 4 of them then without a mother. I'm confident that my 3 oldest would never forget me and how much I loved them and they would tell my baby every day about me and they would all be taken care of and told about me by the man who will be adopting 3 of them later this year. So to me in my world my love for the people closest to my heart is deeper than my life.
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26 Feb 08
Awwww I can't even say anything about that answer other than that being the hopeless romantic that Iam! I'm so happy for you and I take it he is being a good boy? At least a little? I completely agree with you about the kids- love for your children is deeper than life, even though they are just one facet of life. But an enormously important one! Have a great one!
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