What will you do if meet a very silent person?

February 24, 2008 11:39pm CST
I always meet new persons with different characters. Some are really "terrible" noisy, jokers, sensitive persons, and also easily get mad. But i don't care with them, they are ok. We can talk about many things and learn from experiences. I even being inspired with their struggle and hard work to be success. But i met also very silent type person, and you dont know what will you talk with him/her, because they are seemed boring in conversation. I think they are nice but the problem is they are not easy being approachable. How about you, what will you do if meet a very silent person? Will you the one who talks more, you leave that person, or you bring him/her to your group so that person will join you also.
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@julyteen (13259)
• Davao, Philippines
1 Sep 12
Accompanying silent person is so boring. Maybe I will become silent also. I have one friend who love to share but he don't like to listen your experiences. He keep on silent. He don't like to talk so much. Instead he prepare to watch tv when you pay visit on him on his home, which is terrible. It seems he don't like to talk to you.
25 Feb 08
it depends, if somehow they look approachable to me.. i probably would start the converstaion. But if somewho they look snob, i try to be quiet myself and wait until they starts a conversation with me
@clowdine (1402)
• Philippines
25 Feb 08
I am a silent type myself. Yeah you get to meet a lot of loud people around and rarely the extremely silent types. But I'm not super dooper silent to the point that you cannot approach me. It's just that I get to choose the people I talk and hang around with. If these people are respectful of others' boundaries, tactful, and when they talk, it makes sense and most of all, they are not fond of bullying around with their sick slapsticks and premadonna syndrome, I take the time talking with those people. If a new acquaintance is very silent, I can tell if they have simple aspirations in life and they have kind heart by just observing them, you can tell by their jokes and manner of speaking but not everything about them can be sensed because after all God knows what our heart contains, we humans can only base our conclusion on others based on experience. and if they have pleasant attitudes about other people and God, I even make the first move. On the other hand if the person is silent and rude, I let him keep silent. Maybe he is just hurt or bitter about something in the past. But if he needs my help, I am all the way willing to be of assistance to him so I may win his friendship and share with him the bright side of the world.
@plumwish07 (4059)
• Indonesia
25 Feb 08
first of all, i would try to communicate as best as i can to that person. i know he is silent person but must be something wanna to talk with. it might be from simple and general question. but if still, after many ways i tried, he just be silent, its better also be silent to respect on him :)
@diansinta (7550)
• Indonesia
25 Feb 08
I have a silence person as a friend. As a matter a fact we take and give as usual friend. Help each other and do some stuff together. Silence people are speak in silence. Actually they have magic that can tell what they really feel without saying a word. LOL Sure it does! and make friends with them, can make you learn to sharping you intuition to your environment. Double benefit isn't it?
@bellaofchaos (11549)
• United States
25 Feb 08
Well I'm a normally chatty person but I have friend who are not so chatty and you know what I just do the majority of the talking or I work at finding a topic that they can go on and on about and sometimes I cheerish the silence between us as we listen to music, watch a movie and just relax. But I can usually get a person to warm up to me no problem. LOL!! Have a nice day.