You Vs How Many Computer Opponents?

February 24, 2008 11:50pm CST
how many computer opponents can you handle in starcraft (single player)? i can only manage 3, that's 3 vs me. normally i choose one terran, one zerg and one protoss and i play the protoss. i tried four but there are too many... How about you? Is there anyone who can do more than 5?
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27 Feb 08
Hi i can beat 1v7 its not hard dude and what kind of map are you talking about? in a normal map like lost temple i havent figured out yet. but in fastest i can beat 1v7 no problem
• Thailand
17 May 08
Oh 1v7 !!. You are great. The best I can do is 1v4.
• Japan
14 Jun 08
I don't think you can do that. That's freaking impossible. How will you manage 7 opponents all in the same run? All I can think is use the Terran race and put a blockade of bunkers and supply depots in a choke point part of the map where you can literally massacre the computer forces in the beginning of the game. I have done that but I can only survive in the next 10 - 20 minutes. I can eliminate three but the game will be hellish with opponents.
@eoeoeo (125)
• United States
18 Jun 08
It's because he's using fastest maps. Fastest maps don't really work for computers, the incredibly fast computers mess up their strategies and they basically make a few buildings and become dysfunctional. I saw a match somewhere where a guy beat computers 1v7 on hunters. I can do 1v3 as well. Do you play on bnet?
• Philippines
2 Nov 08
With big game hunters map, I can beat 7 computers (any race) using terran, and beat 7 computers (all zerg) using protoss.
30 Sep 08
urm... i can beat only 5 oppenent in a time... i rahter choose protos... it character is the best... huhu...