For all those philosophers out there.. what philosophy do you believe in most?

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February 25, 2008 12:43am CST
For all those philosophers out there, what philosophy do you believe in most, and why? Is it your own, or is it one you've learned about?
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29 Mar 08
I studied classics for the first two years of my philosophical course. And then, when I was about to write my thesis, my professor introduced me to Process Philosophy. And I fell in love with. It's core tenets holds that everything is in a network of interconnectedness and processual advance. Process constitutes the basic descipta of reality. When you look around you, all of reality belongs or undergoes a certain process of their own - growth, maturation, enlargement, degradation, boom, bust... pretty much everything. It's a bit contrary to 'substance' philosophy because it claims that what we have as our ultimate reality is not one form of subsisting being but a process of becoming. The language of quarks, atomic constitution, electrons, energies and light forms are what reality is composed of in its most basic form. Well, Process Philosophy has many facets. It's too many to discuss right here. But it's really interesting to read it.
@klaudyou (501)
26 Feb 08
For me Plato created the most important and essential theories. Aristotle gave the first and the most powerful reason for....reasoning, ethics and esthetics (even though the last two categories were not separated at that time)... So, for me they are the fathers of what I call philosophy. There were other philosophers which had an impact, like Kant, Marx, Nietzche, Schoppenhauer...each of them with great teachings for our minds and for our souls. Voltaire was a very curageous and sharp mind of the time, and i read his works almost entirely... Thanks to these characters we evolved as we evolved so we can call ourselves wise. And to answer your question (why I believe in their philosophy?)....because they made it mine!
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26 Feb 08
Yes i have learned many a things in life till now and still am learning a lot. You dont really need to have a specific kind of philosophy to live life, life will still teach you even without a philosophy to learn. So let the philosophy be mre adaptable to the ever ongoing change, that apparently is the only constant thing. On similar grounds i would say i walk on the philosophy of 'Beleive in miracles to let them happen, an toil to make one.' The most important element here is to beleive in God more than his powers. What we are experiencing life in, is nothing but a amanifestation of his love to us. This same love can get us what we need. But of course wtithout any ill feeling for others. When you want something and work starting from the mental level, indeed the whole universe conspires for it as is said by a sagely person. he more closer you relate this universe with yourself more closer you get to your desires. But of course you will have to work for it, as the saying goes half you and half God. When you see His hands behind every incident happening to you and respecting it even if doesn't gratify you egoic self. Let the god be your charioteer and you can sit back enjoy the ride with him. Beleive that he will definitely won't take you astray.
@urbandekay (18312)
25 Feb 08
Many philosophies have influenced and contributed to my own philosophical beliefs, particularly those of Aristotle, Nietzsche and Wittgenstein. all the best urban
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• Canada
8 Jul 08
ayn rand locke and the rest relating to them
@urbandekay (18312)
9 Aug 08
Ayn Rand doesn't really measure up a philosopher. all the best urban
18 Aug 08
Nietzsche, Schoppenhauer and the Philosophers' of Life.
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• India
26 Feb 08
To always achieve the best in life through hardwork and sincerity, bekind to needy, be faithful to your wife, inculcate some hobbies to keep engaged with useful information, have good friends who can share, these are the few of the philosophies I have adopted.