When it comes to types of paid-to's what is your favorite?

United States
February 25, 2008 1:43am CST
When it comes to types of paid-to's, what is your favorite? I personally like the paid emails, survey sites and sites like mylot that pay you to post... and a close fourth for PTC's, why? Well. With paid emails, survey sites, and posting on mylot you're almost completely financially safe as there isn't much of a secret agenda that sites like that can do on you. That, and they generally are the top three, on my opinion that pay the most. With ptc's, some of the sites are a little shifty... but for the most part you're financially safe. As for offers and stuff? You get the feel there is a secret agenda. Some say they're absolutely free but in turn they sign you up for random things that you dont find out until your phonebill comes in, or something else comes in and yeah. What about you, which do you like most, and why?
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