Where did you meet?

@RigelK (46)
February 25, 2008 2:49am CST
Where, or how, did you meet your best friend. I met mine in a homeless shelter. We were both homeless. Alot has changed, he just bought (or at least got a mortgage on) his first house last year.
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• Philippines
25 Feb 08
I met my closest friends when I was still studying. I have one really close friend whom I met when I was in kindergarten. We had been classmates from kindergarten to college. Even though we have our own work now, we still manage to keep in touch and take time to go out, go to the movies and do activities together with some of our friends whom we met when we were in college. I also have another friend who still keeps in touch with me. She was my best friend when I was in high school and up to this day we still communicate with each other.
• Malaysia
25 Feb 08
I met my best friend when I was working my first job and that was probably around 4 years ago. Although now we're not working at the same place anymore but we always see each other and do stuff together and chat online as well :)
@andyvish (901)
• India
25 Feb 08
My best friend is my wife and my child. I met my wife in an arranged meeting from their home. As my marriage was an arranged affair. I met my second friend when he was 2 months old from his mothers lap. Both were cute little things when I met them. That is why I selected them as my friends.