Do you make friends while travelling? or atleast talk to the adjacent person?

February 25, 2008 3:31am CST
How often do you talk to the stranger passenger who is travelling along with you? or atleast will you make friends while travelling? I always try to know the person who is sitting adjacent to me, & start a conversation first, sometime people do not respond properly, but sometime we get to know the other person. i once was travelling from bangalore to chennai, when i was just sitting , i saw a old man standing, & had no place to sit, i gave him place to sit, & was standing for a while, one young boy who was watching me give place to the old man, got up from his place & gave me his seat & went to chat with his friends who were on the other side, i was moved by his attitude & started a conversation when he came back, he said he was from bangalore itself, & just talking & talking, we became good friends, we exchanged email ids & its already 5 years by now, & still we are in touch, he is married, & i am married too but still we talk about how we became friends, & thick friends, do you have any experience like that????
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• China
25 Feb 08
i donot talk to strangers i donot have many friedns. i will try to chat with strangers in the future.
@samar12 (991)
• India
25 Feb 08
Yes I do that but it all depends on what kind of person he/ is.If the person is of my age then I do enjoy chatting and passing my time. We talk about differrent things in life espicially about jobs and all but if the person is old then I avoid because they tend to talk stupid things. Sometimes even younger people can be irritating but I can hadle them.
@maximax8 (28931)
• United Kingdom
25 Feb 08
I got chatting to an Australian lady when I was in Finland in 1990. We met up again in Sweden and exchanged addresses. We wrote to each other and I visited her in Australia in 1993. I also met a German man in Finland and he came to visit me a few times in the UK. In 1996 I was lost in Slovenia and I couldn't find anyone that could speak English. I asked if anyone spoke English and a boy of fifteen stepped forward. We met up again in Poland and exchanged addresses. He came to the UK and I showed him around. I agree that it is possible to have interesting conversations with other travelers and you might even become friends. At the very least it is fascinating to talk to other nationalities. In Romania I met a lady from Chile to chat to.