where can reading leads me to?

February 25, 2008 4:54am CST
Reading for all we know, is a part of human learning process. In the beginning of our early life, we are taught on how to read properly, from abc to phrases and to stories, reading numbers to other literature that gives us understanding of every details of life. Each letter that is written in the notes that we are reading gives meaning to what it explains. When we tried to study other languages, countries, people and their cultures, we tend to read more about them, we should not go to their places to study these things but through reading we will learn on how they live each day. If we are in the midst of nowhere, by reading we will reach our destinations, we can interact with other, we can communicate with them by understanding the places we are in. Reading one's thought, one's opinion and one's suggestions help us to become a better person. It is not always right to read one's point of view but also you have to understand what it mean. Reading in the larger sense, is mainly powerful in changing one's life. It can lead us to a better world where only us can identify, can read.
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@klaudyou (501)
25 Feb 08
Reading simply makes you better. First (young age), its utility is knowledge, basically about language and some behaviour rules. Next, when we read for highschool or college, it makes us think logically, gain experience in life (the constructive way) and develop our imagination, memory, and so on...so its a "must have" to start a good life. After that, we read if we develop a passion of it, when we want to specialize on something very well, since the book is still the best carrier of data and information. Overall...reading a book just makes you better, because you don't need to live a certain experience, when you can just read it in a book; helps one develop a set of inner principles; makes your time enjoyable... There are many more reasons for reading a book, like you said...so, I consider reading still a useful activity (refering to books only). Welcome to Mylot...