grandparent Rights

United States
October 30, 2006 2:47pm CST
has anyone ever had to deal with the nightmare of grandparents threatening to take them to court for rigths?
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@indiandevil (2098)
• Rothesay, New Brunswick
30 Oct 06
It can't me. My boyfriend and I had split for a few months and his mother was threatening me saying she was gonna take custody of my son and if she seen me out with him she was gonna take him from me etc... Well I called the cops, and the cops told me she can not do either because grandparents don't have anyrights what so ever. The only way a grand Parent can take a child is if you give them custody or if you are proven unfit in the eyes of the court...but there has to be a reason they take to to court over custody in the first place they just can't decide they want you child and take you to court and win don't happen that way... Grandparents have no legal rights to a grand child...even if you never let the grandparent see the child for the rest if their lives grand parents have no legal power
• United States
30 Oct 06
Would this vary though depending on state and rules specific to??? There is no unfit parenting...they refuse to have an adult conversation with us in order to care for our kids, etc. We told them if they sit and calmly try to work things out we will revisit the kids seeing them more. They would rather fight in front of them and I refuse to do that anymore, for their sake. We are already in court with my husband's ex (over my stepdaughter) and now they threaten to testify against us if we don't let them have the kids! This is just the surface of this soap opera drama! They don't like me because they said I "stole" their granddaughter and son from them when I married him!!! My thoughts are the court will laugh at them when they tell them they are allowed to have kids if they talk to us, but they won't do it!!! They actually want me to give them a note on what my son needs and let them keep him, but not talk to them about it when he is 11 mos. old and they haven't kept him alone for months!!! And they tell me I'm a bad parent to my stepdaughter becasue we have rules, chores, and a I figure when they tell the court (if they try) why I am a "bad parent" that this will make them look pretty ridiculous?!?!?!?!?