"When It Comes To Style and Flavor... RedBull surely Rocks!"

United States
February 25, 2008 9:48am CST
Red Bull Rocks. I love to drink and look at the RedBull can. The "silver_&_blue cylinders", are supa cool and the taurine/bubblegum flavor, rocks massively also. While its energetic_potency is not long lasting.. the reason of my love.. is its style_and_flavor. RedBull is an Austrian carbonated soft drink, and the most famous energy drink. The energy portion is arguable but it is filled with sugar(27 g), taurine(1000 mg), and a nice jolt of caffeine(80 mg). For those thinking that it is jam packed with caffeine, that is not so.. for it holds less than a regular cup of coffee. (Which holds over 100 mg.) The Downsides: The price for RedBull is high. Two bucks is too much. I enjoy it but I limit my enjoyment often because its cost to quantity ratio.. diminishes my enthusiasm. Also, it is important to note that the health risks are high. Drinking too much of anything that puts your heart on overdrive, is far from the best thing to do. Doctors_&_nutritionists have warned of dangers when mixing caffeine_&_alcohol in excessive quantities. So while you will find the mixture to be fantastically tasty... you must have caution with the amount you consume. Do you like Red Bull?
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