when is living living?

February 25, 2008 5:04pm CST
It seems to be we live to die..We work we slave and we die. majority any way. It seems we just work and work and don't live like we want to. We don't achieve our dreams because we are so wrapped up in work and money issues. It seems to me that the people that are spontaneous just seem to be more successful in achieving thier dreams. In my opinion achieving your dreams is the meaning of life. Your dreams are the most important things in that persons opinion, achieving them will bring great happiness. BUT HOW can we persue our dreams when we are being slaves! slaves to money .. I myself would consider myself very lucky, having achieved a lot in my young years. However, when I think of people who just work till the day they die i feel sorry for that person who is working so much and i get mad that someone is wasting their life being a slave to money. What do you think? are you happy at work? are you working like a mad man for no reason, are you set on achieving your dreams? Do you have Dreams?
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