When you go through drivethru...

@mjsdls (1840)
United States
February 25, 2008 5:40pm CST
and order your food and drive off without checking your order do you come all the way back to get what your missing or call and get it the next time? I would call and pick up my food the next trip.
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@MGjhaud (20672)
• Philippines
26 Feb 08
I'd rather check it first. But anyway, if ever, I'll go back right away because they might not believe me if I returned the next time I use their drivethru. I don't call since calling would mean delivery or whatever, it doesn't apply here in my countries food chains that offers drivethrus.
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@Liasonfan (1702)
• Canada
26 Feb 08
I persona;lly would call and get it the next trip, unless I am travelling far away from home. In that case, I would go back if I could. I know my hubby drives me crazy, because he will always go back and get it. Of course, we usually check, before we leave the parking lot, to avoid having to go back for anything at all
@Modestah (11192)
• United States
11 Mar 08
well I guess that depends on where I am at the moment I have discovered the mistake... and if I am still close to the store it depends on if I am in a real big hurry to get somewhere else or not. I have done both - called in the error as well as go back into the store. I usually like to check my order before I pull away from the drive through, though.
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
26 Feb 08
i don't have a car so I do not go through drive thru's and as far as I know there aren't that many here in montreal, people park their cars and go in and order.