Virgin mobile is the Phone service for everyone. No contracts with monthly plan

@dloveli (4369)
United States
February 26, 2008 5:34am CST
I have tried every phone there is and have had a problem with almosy everyone as well. I was given a Virgin Mobile phone for a gift and I have never been sooo happy! First off I have a monthly plan of 600 daytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekends for $59.99. I pay this bill with the top up cards or phone cards you buy at different stores. This way I am not allowing credit card information or checking account. Also I can cancel the plan at anytime with no early cancellation fee. I love it. I just purchased the new Switchback phone, it opens up to a full keyboard with online availabilities. I am giving a shout out to anyone tired of paying outrageous bills. Oh and lastly, when and if I go over my minutes the phone will not allow me to go over. It shuts off until 7 p.m. when it is unlimited. Is there any thing better? Let me know!
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@howard96h (11663)
• New York, New York
26 Feb 08
I agree, I think Virgin Mobile is the best pre-paid phone out there. Their unlimited plan is great, they also have an unlimited plan (that can be added) for $20.00 that includes text messages, photos, IM and E-Mail. Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint which has excellent nationwide coverage and like you said if you ever leave there are no fees for breaking a contract. Question: To avoid going over the 600 minutes the phone would shut off until 7PM do you know if in the event of an emergency can you still dial 911?