Germany Closes Down Scientology Kindergarten

February 26, 2008 2:57pm CST
Read the story here:,23599,23277232-23109,00.html What do you think? Let me just say that I'm totally against Scientology. I think it's a dangerous and extortionate cult and should not be promoted in anyway. With that said, my immediate instincts were to be glad that Germany are once again being proactive in stopping the spread in their own country. However, I then started thinking, if one "religion" (not that I think Scientology is a religion because it's clearly just a cult) is persecuted and disallowed, where does it end? Who's to decide which religions should be allowed and which shouldn't? It's a dangerous road to start on, despite the clear negativity of allowing Scientology to warp more minds. It's a tricky one. What do you think?
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26 Feb 08
I agree with you, that is a very slippery slope indeed. Where will it end, wil they decide other religions or whatever they wish to call themselves, are unsuitable and outlaw them as well. Indeed something that bares watching and keeping track of.
27 Feb 08
Precisely. Once we tolerate persecution for one group, where does it end and who decides what is allowed?
@jimbomuso (950)
4 Mar 08
Hi Phaedra!Whoa thats a tough one! I dont think anyone should be in aposition to decide.If a relegion,society or cult is banned then in essence its practicing persecution.I agree that scientology is seriousley warped and closing a kindergarten that influences young minds is a good idea.I read (metro UK) that a Jedi Temple has been set up in The US, the same arguments against scientology could be put to this 'relegion' although it depends if its on the Dark Side or not LOL!! Ultimatley relegion and the state should remain seperate and civil law should decide what is dangerous and what is not. :)
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