who among you here are playing World of Warcaft Intl?

February 26, 2008 3:34pm CST
I'm playing World of Warcraft for almost 5 months now and I only have level 70 Shaman, it's a Tauren. It's really cool I bet you should try it too. The people there are so nice and friendly not like the other online games where some players are so selfish and greedy. Can you tell me what's your character name and what server you are in?
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@etavasi (752)
• Malaysia
26 Feb 08
I don't like Warcraft because i don't know how to play. I like starcraft. It is the simple strategy game. I ilke the sound and how the animation. Do you play starcraft to? I like that game.
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
I also like Starcraft in fact we are waiting for it's 2 release. But Starcraft is very much different from Warcraft. Starcraft is more of a LAN games where you get play with your friends when you're in the same cafe of place or through Battlenet just like Counter-Strike. Yes, it's a strategic game just like Warcraft. But, it is only Warcraft is an online game where you get to level your own character and choose what job you want to get and trained some skills and et cetera and it's kinda' cool really. You should try it too. Those MMORPG games are addictive. In fact, I tried a lot MMORPG games when I was still in college when I just used to asked money from my parents. Lolz
• United States
11 Mar 08
I agree with you, world of warcraft have the nicest people playing. I used to play runescape and the people there are really so selfish and really bad. I only just started playing world of warcraft for about 2 weeks. I have 2 characters. I started one on qual thalas, a lvl 16 human rogue. But my friend told me to join doomhammer and join hes guild so I started my main char there. I am currently a lvl 13 human paladin. My mains name is M1kstur. Hope we can play sometime together if you are in the same servers.