I like making money

United States
February 26, 2008 4:22pm CST
Have you ever sat and figured once you have paid all the bills for the month, what's left! I have and I don't even have kids at home anymore and I still don't know how a person or couple can live on what employers are paying. I when to school to be a graphic designer but where I live there just isn't much of a call for that line of work. I finally found a job the pays me just over min. wage. But when I figured out what I take home and what it cost me to get back and forth. I just feel I can't do this anymore. That's when I started a blog. Just to rant and rave, and give information on things I have found to make money from home. I try to stay away from the programs that want money to start. Cause the way I see it is that what I am buying from them is what I have to try and peddle to someone else...Well I work to hard for what I make and I just can't bring myself to throwing it away on something I know in my heart is not going to work. The only one I can see that is getting rich is the one who developed it.... I sign up for programs that have no cost to join or make money with. But I am not about to pay out for some servey program that I can find myself on the net and join for FREE. In my blog there are many ways to creat an income without spending money to make money. If you would like to look at it or even leave a commite. Please tell me what you think go to my blog spot at rantandravemore.blogspot.com
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