Mom or Dad?

February 27, 2008 12:46am CST
I was surprised when my friend and she is a girl and she prepare to choose her dad rather her mom. Well they have quiet problem with her mom. You, whom you favored; mom or dad?
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@bowtieguy (5925)
• United States
8 Mar 08
I was always closer to my dad, growing up I idolized him. I picked up a lot of my style habits from him as well as my religious views and morale ethics. My brother was the one closer to mother. It wasn't untill my wife left and I took over control of the household and raising my two sons that I became closer to my mother. She was really there for me when I needed it, babysitting when I had to work. She also helped me learn to do a lot of chores around the house like the laundry and cooking, things I never learned from my father. I wish I would have spent more time with my mother growing up so I would not have had to depend on her so much later on in my life.
@nanayangel (7859)
• Philippines
27 Feb 08
My mother - Nida, my mother.
Hi there! Well, I am much closer to my dad and I open up to him a lot, I'm more comfortable of talking to him about some stuff that I don't feel comfortable talking about with my mother. But now that I am a mother, and also a wife, I see that my mother made a lot of sacrifice, have been a really good mother and that she deserves the best. I came from a broken family and my father has another family now. I feel like I'm more needed by my mother.
• Philippines
27 Feb 08
Who would I choose? I guess I'd have to say my mom. My dad and I hardly talk with each other. I guess we really don't have any nice common topics we could actually share with each other. I guess the generation gap could also be a big factor. I guess I'm just really closer to my mom even if she could be overly sensitive most of the time.
@lynnchua (3416)
• Singapore
27 Feb 08
I'm closer to my dad. Have little problem with my mum every now and then since younger.