How can I cheat without getting caught?

February 27, 2008 10:23am CST
Do you know any better ideas of cheating at tests? I need some ingenious ways, because our teachers are very strict.
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• United States
27 Feb 08
Hello moonlight_dream and welcome to mylot. Well I do not think that you should cheat on tests. In the long run you will not be as bright as you could. Think about it. Say you plan on going to college right? How do you plan on getting that degree if you can't past tests on your own? What if the person you are cheating off of catches you and tells? Do you know that you will get in some big trouble? Cheating isn't going to help you in the long run moonlight_dream because in the end you will eventually get caught and when you do you will be proving the saying that cheaters never win. So take my advice study and you too can be a winner. With that said NakitaLikely3617 is out!
• Romania
1 Mar 08
Let me just tell you one thing, I have never cheated in my entire life, if you can believe me. And I'm not quite the worst student of my class, if you know what I mean... I have always had big grades, except for this semester. And that's only because I had some problems and I couldn't go to school as often as I should, so I was falling behind with the studies. I couldn't keep up that semester, because they were learning new stuff that if I wasn't present I couldn't understand! So it was a bad semester for me... That's why I really need to get 'A' at all my classes, to compensate my last semester. I think you figured out already, that I'm in the 8th grade. This year I'm entering high school... That's why I need good grades now! But I think you didn't understand something, I don't plan to cheat at my classes, I'm getting 'A''s on my own there, but I'm having an exam in may and I need to get the maximum score there! It's the exam at Romanian, my native language. I have no grammar problems there, only the literature kills me... Since all my life I was bad at writing free compositions, poems etc. I had no inspiration! Even when I had to write something as a homework, so I had time to think, I couldn't do it, so how could you expect me to have a sudden inspiration in 2 hours? That's my only problem! I don't want my grades to fall behind just because I couldn't write a free composition! That's where I wanted to cheat! But I don't know how! I don't plan to keep on cheating, even in high school and so on! Do you understand me now?
• India
1 Mar 08
You ask about cheating,I have the idea of taking a chit alongwith in class,you can look at another students paper in class,hide a book in washroom,I have got lot more.but I dont think that is going to help you in any way.You should start studying and good marks will automatically follow how hard the tests may be.That is the only way to success.You cheat today,You will never be right person tomorrow.If you are cheating today,you are not actually cheating in a paper,you are actually cheating yourself,your self respect.So Study,dont cheat,dont let others will soon see you do not need to cheat.
@martus (122)
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
That is a very bad idea, cheating will make you do more cheating. You should better study your lessons and practice even more. It's for your own good anyway, and maybe one day you will be more thankful to your teachers and instructors because of that.
• United States
27 Feb 08
Hello Moonlight_dream! Cheaters never win, cheaters never win, cheaters never win, cheaters never win, cheaters never win, cheaters never win. Moonlight_dream if you cheat you'll lose. Cheating isn't going to help you learn the concept. Cheating only makes you look stupid because what if you are asked a question in front of the whole entrie class and you don't know, How are you going to answer the question? You should just study because when you study you are going to know and you will feel better about the situation because you learned the concept of the subject all by yourself.