Who do you like best?

February 27, 2008 10:31am CST
Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley? I think they are quite similar. Their appearance, I mean.
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@ersmommy1 (12600)
• United States
27 Feb 08
I think they are both beautiful. And there are differences. Knightley has had some pretty physical roles with the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy And Bend it like Beckham the soccer movie. Portman has had a more extensive career. Portman is a vegetarian. I don't know what Keira Knightley eats to maintain her appearance. I like them both. If I have to pick, I'd say Natalie Portman.
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• Philippines
3 May 08
indeed they are both beautiful, but id pick natalie portman. her stunnning looks coupled with her intelligence, she's one if not top of the best hollywood actresses there is
@zatak07 (699)
• India
24 Aug 08
ya I was also thinking like that, i mean they are very similar & i was really confused in the first place,,,....& i like Natalie Portman more cos she beautiful and she's awesome and more appealing .........KK also good but little bit skinny but i really like the way she talks....
@umart13 (841)
• Ireland
9 Jul 08
They are very similar, but I don't like either of them. They need to get a little more character.
@kidjuwee (612)
• Philippines
6 Jul 08
They are both good. But I like Natalie Portman better because I am a fan of Star wars and she was in that film as a princess. And She got bald in a movie so she's more cool.
• Philippines
6 May 08
Can I join the NATALIE PORTMAN team? Aside from being beautiful... she's smart and has a heart of gold.