Which member of your family do you prefer?

February 27, 2008 1:29pm CST
It's a very simple question but curious.... I am very much tied to my mother and my grandmother, both have grown me and them are two persons fundamental for my life... I should resemble both character and know how to deal with life. Which member of your family do you prefer?
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@r1mp2ge (263)
• Ukraine
27 Feb 08
It's really difficult to say...I love my parents and grandparents even my close relatives but all in a different way. I can never love anyone the same way...My love to my father goes with how much respect I have for him and what he does for us. With my mother It's how she brought me up and made me into what I am today. With my grandparents It's the way they indirectly tell me how I should live my life and the fact that they feel pride in me just being their grandson makes me love them too. Yet I am sure that ties are more stronger if that person was with you from day one and because of that I understand how you feel.
27 Feb 08
really a beautiful explanation! You centered the meaning of life.. Thank you!
@ersmommy1 (12600)
• United States
27 Feb 08
That would be my mother. My grandmother passed some time ago. But my mother is a strong person. And she loves us. I think she is a really good person. She has a wonderful heart. My mother rarely if ever has a quitter attitude. I would prefer to be thought of like her.
27 Feb 08
You too mom.... Thanks for your answer!