clinical depression..

@jsharriz (436)
February 27, 2008 2:08pm CST
clinical depression has b'come common these days due to the stress amount n emotional n physical strains encounterd by ppl in dis modern world... its a common psychiatric disorder, characterized by persistent lowerin of mood, feelin of loneliness, unable to enjoy pleasure, insomania, loss of interest in usual habits etc... not many notice depression as a disorder... if not diagnosed in time n helped it mite grtly affect the person's personal lyf leadin even to suicides.. clinical depression is not as dangerous disorder as it sounds... it can b treated by various simple ways if recognised in time... signs n symptoms: . persistant sad, anxious or empty mood . loss of appetite or weight or sudden gain of weight . insomnia, early mornin awakenin or over sleep . restlessness or irritablity . feelin of worthlessness, inappropriate or guilt . feelin of hopelessness, pessimism . difficulty thinkin, concentratin, makin decisions etc . thought of death or suicide attempts . loss of interest or pleasure in usual hobbies . loss of energy, fatigue . persistant symptoms that do not respond to treatment like head ache's etc.... depression has b'come major problem of the youth in dis society... feel free to discuss n write more on dis n share as much as u knw to help ppl...
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