'The Pursuit of Happiness' I was moved by it, have you ever watched it?

February 27, 2008 8:15pm CST
Will Smith and Jaden Smith brought us such a good movie, I like it and I recommend it to you guys. You can watch the movie when you are in low mood or when you are frustrated by your current life, you can get some useful information and encourage from it ,I believe. Do you have the courage like Will Smith when you are in the same situation like him ? Does your kid so lovely and sensible like Jaden Smith ? That is really sweet. You should watch it. Do you have the same feeling like this after watching the movie ?
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@Nancy_lf (34)
• China
29 Feb 08
Absolutely right.I like it every much.In my mind,Will Smith's performance is beyond my imagination, this role will be the top one in his performance career at very least i believe. I am a Chinese girl ,most people say the westen film is typical of American Spirit,of course I can not deny it,but through this film ,I seem to learn about it deeply and cordially.Above all,I recommend it for everybody!!!
28 Feb 08
Yes, I saw this movie two times, and it's very moving. I nearly cry when the Dad and son slept in the washroom, and sb was knocking at the door strongly.... How bad life is, but he never lose courage to stand up until sucesses.
• United States
28 Feb 08
oh i loved that movie. i totally cried when i saw it, several times. its so moving and insperational! i don't think i could ever have the courage like him.