Do you really will face? This is the face of the standard steps!

February 28, 2008 1:44am CST
Face is not a simple routine, it steps and the sequence is the correct decision in how good or bad your skin! So let us understand the correct steps of face: Step 1:Use warm water to wet face! Face with the water temperature is very important.Warm water can guarantee fully open pores,and not make the skin's natural moisture loss over oil. Step 2:Let Cleanser fully from the bubble! No matter what kind of Cleanser, quantity should not be excessive. Step 3:Gently massage under 15! Step 4:Cleaning cleanser! Step 5:Check hair marginal! This step is often overlooked. Some women always easy growth acne around hair marginal,because of the fact that the step!~ Step 6:Use cold-water wash your faces under 20 This will tighten the pores, at the same time promoting blood circulation. That is all.
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@junko704 (134)
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
hi there, yep i do that..all of it.. except for the hot water cold water part. i use whichever and it works as well..
• China
28 Feb 08
Aha,you do really great! Your skin will certainly good!From now on,the protection of our skin is necessary!
• Philippines
20 Apr 08
i do all those things whenever i simply want to wash my face or wash off my makeup and exfoliate!;) i find it really nice to wet my face using warm water..