@jsharriz (436)
February 28, 2008 5:08am CST
what kinda movies do u like to watch..??? why?? like i wud say i like detective kinda movies..they gimme the chill i love...
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@ayou82 (3460)
• Philippines
3 Apr 08
I love reality shows thats what i love watching because it is true to life and not scripted. You see the drama the real life dramas and thats good .. you see how one person learns from a mistake and see them get better and better at the end.
@deepti15 (1190)
• India
3 Apr 08
Horror and Science fiction are my first loves. Everything else takes a backseat to these. Armageddon was okay...but Deep Impact is my kinda film. The Cave was atrocious...but The Descent was right on the money. And I dig the B movies in each genre...sometimes they have a soul that the big A movies do not. Blade Runner to Mask of Satan...Epsilon to Stalkers...Razor Blade Smile to Silent Running...Scream and Scream Again to The Norliss Tapes... These movies have meat to them...they have bite...and they have bark..they move me...stir things deep down in the me to see the light in my own existence...and I would not have it any other way. Anime or Tv series...straight to video or on the silver screen..I hunt down my scifi and horror wherever I may find it. For horror I suggest:One Missed Call Audition Kairo (grandaddy to the Ring and Grudge) Wig Princess Aurora Diary of June all from Japan or Korea.
@nanayangel (7859)
• Philippines
3 Apr 08
Hi there jsharriz! I like watching romance-comedy films. Also chick flicks and some drama.
@dangnabit67 (2021)
• United States
28 Feb 08
I love the Saw series--not for the gore but for the plot twists. Comedy cause I always love to laugh. Romance because my life has very little of it. Action like Transporter series-he is a good looking man and a great actor-I mean I like the movie ;)
@r1mp2ge (263)
• Ukraine
28 Feb 08
I like watching movies which are descriptive and not something which they pull out of thin air. There should be some content which should be believable...A nice plot which unfolds towards the end..These type of movies always entertain me.