heart aches

United States
February 28, 2008 8:00am CST
my life has been full or heart aches and heart breaks i have had my ups and downs with my closet friends i have had my faced played by boys i have been the one to play the boy but when you get use to all the bullcrap that comes with love you don't know if all guys are the same which most of the time thay are.. when you think your in love think again.. cause he is talkin to another girl already. cause these days people don't wanan be in a realtionship.. they just want one night.. and a good time.. so don't fall to fast.. you'll get left on ur butt.. and dont he gives a crap becuase he doesn't.. he got what he wanted and now he is gone.. .. so why are guys soo un sure about their feelings.. or dont wanna tell you their feelings.. girls arent confusing guys are..
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@ayou82 (3460)
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
Heart aches is part of growing and learning new things. It comes and it goes.. and time will come you will get use to it just dont stop learning .
@junko704 (134)
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
hi there, whoa you seem to be really upset about relationships dear. all i can say is that always be optimistic. it never hurts to hope that one day someone will love you the way you want to be loved.. we will find our perfect match in this lifetime. we just dont know when but surely we will and if you are that gloomy about love,well you might be missing the guy looking at you right now from a different standpoint and hoping to get a chance with you.. while youre sulking in your grief dismay and sadness in how love suck.. stay strong and believe in love.. you wont regret it im sure..